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10 July 2019 Here's to outstanding service! Thank you Terrence!

We think that our waiting staff are all top notch, but there is one waitron in particular that we would like to celebrate this month. He is attentive, knowledgeable and passionate about the service industry. His name is (drum roll please) Terrence! Our comment cards often contain a "special thanks" to Terrence for outstanding service.

Here is his take on his "Ginger journeyā€¯ and why he loves the service industry so much:

The road has been long and lovely every step of the way, with three good years under my belt at Ginger.

I started off as a barman. I always had a love for the creation of cocktails, from the process of building to garnishing. My favourite cocktails were the ones with a subtle amount of alcohol and hints of sweetness. Every cocktail and drink I prepared gave me a further love for the service industry and made me have a deeper passion for it. I furthered my knowledge in the service industry by attending barman workshops and one day attended a wine tasting.

The tasting gave me a feel of the wine industry and refined my pallet, therefore giving me a taste for wine. A good bottle of pinot noir or cabernet with a delicious meal is my way to enjoy an day off. This experience then led me to becoming the wine steward of Ginger, which was an interesting experience, doing Wine tastings, Beer pairings and Gin pairings.

Bringing me to the current position of waiter, being a waiter has so far been amazing. I absolutely love chatting to customers, seeing how they enjoyed their dining experience and the food prepared by our very talented chefs. The secret to being a great waiter in my opinion is the attention to the little details others look over, perfectly set up tables, manicuring your table throughout the dining experience, recommendation of meals and pairing them well with a bottle of wine to ensure they have an enhanced dining experience.

I live by one rule, the customer is always right and i make sure to serve them to the best of my abilities and meet or exceed their expectations. I only see myself becoming better and some day holding a managerial position.

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